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Mr. Roosevelt’s Famous Brain Trust

August 23, 2011

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There’s No Program For Curing Depression

Now the present depression is severe, and nothing has as yet occurred and nothing is as yet projected which promises to overcome this depression within the next few months. The President himself behaves like a man who will not admit to himself that his luck will not hold and that he is in the midst of hard times that threaten to become worse. Though it is contrary to his temperament, since the early autumn he has in fact been as inactive as Mr. Coolidge and as hesitant as Mr. Hoover.

There is no New Deal program for mastering the current depression, and for months the strange thing about Mr. Roosevelt’s famous brain trust, is that its brains have stopped working, the curious thing about his vaunted leadership is that he does not lead. The characteristic attitude of the President has been entirely negative. He has been unwilling to fight for his own favorite measures and he has been generally opposed to every one’s else measures. His policy since October has been one of masterly inactivity, to do nothing, to reiterate his old slogans, to trust to luck, and to hope that happier days will soon be here again.

This is enough to give any Congressman from a close district a bad case of the jitters. For if he abandons the President, he may lose the abundant favors which the Administration can dispense; and if he clings to the President, the Congressman may be defeated by the depression.

Appleton Post Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) Mar 14, 1938