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The Thinker

February 16, 2012

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There’s a fortune in store for the man who can Think
And glory to crown his endeavor;
He can come to renown, who will often sit down
Away from the wise men and clever;
And with reason to guide him will map out a plan
That is best for his country and best for the man.

The thoughtless are many, they swarm in a throng,
But the Thinkers are solemnly few,
But the man at the top, is the man who will stop
To ponder the course he’ll pursue;
And he never attacks any problem of doubt
Before he has carefully thought it all out.

Our country will honor the man who can Think,
For the need of his wisdom is great;
The man unafraid and not easily swayed
Is the man who shall fashion our fate,
For plausible Folly the mob often moves,
But the Thinker considers before he approves.

These are days for the Thinker, there’s much to be done,
And many the dangers to face,
And what seems to be good when it’s all understood
May be ruin and shame and disgrace.
Whenever arises a problem of doubt
For the good of our country let’s reason it out.

(Copyright, 1921, by Edgar A. Guest)

Oakland Tribune, (Oakland, California) Dec 5, 1921