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Other People’s Money

August 6, 2012


A little boy climbed up a tree, an apple tree, a neighbor’s tree,
A place no little boy should be
Without an invitation,
And then the boy came falling down, came rolling down, came tumbling down,
Creating in that certain town
Considerable sensation.
Of course, it was a sudden fall, a mighty fall, a nasty fall,
But what he hurt the most of all
Was just his reputation.

The moral of this foolish tale, this simple tale, this silly tale,
Is that the best of us may fail
On any expedition,
And this I wish to postulate to those of late who speculate,
It’s quiet all right if yours the fate
Befalling your ambition.
But if it is an apple tree, a neighbor’s tree, another’s tree,
Then most embarrassing will be
Your subsequent position.

(Copyright, 1936, by Douglas Malloch)

Sheboygan Press (Sheboygan, Wisconsin) Aug 21, 1936