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Whangdoodle in Rhyme

February 4, 2009
A Captured Moonshine Still

A Captured Moonshine Still

The Whangdoodle.
O.J. Coffin tells, in The Charlotte Observer, the why and wherefore of the whangdoodle’s mourning:

“Oh, why do th’ whangdoodle allus mourn
Whar th’ woodbine creep an’ twine?
He worried too much ’bout how ter live
An’ too dang littul ’bout dyin’.

“Th’ whangdoodle helt a guvmint job,
Revenuer er sumpin sich like,
An’ he harried my kin like a houn-dawg uv sin —
They wuz minners chased by a pike.

“A’ter he’d sent ’em all down ter Atlanty
Fer makin’ good licker an’ white,
He had th’ teemerity, him an’ a depity,
Ter visut my still one nite.

“Oh, why do th’ whangdoodle allus mourn
An’ nash his teeth an’ whine?
He worried too much ’bout how ter live
An’ too dang littul ’bout dyin’.”

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) > 1915 > October > 20

The Charlotte Observer

The Charlotte Observer

From North Carolina Newspapers in Education website:

Portrait of a Journalist

Oscar Jackson “Skipper” Coffin (1887–1956) – As the first dean of the School of Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, O. J. Coffin was something of a maverick. He preferred that the school’s professors teach from experience, not from a textbook. Coffin quoted the Bible frequently, and his determination to use proper English made him a respected journalist and teacher. [Emphasis Mine]

Before his tenure at the university, Coffin worked as a reporter for the Asheboro Courier, a sports editor for the Winston-Salem Journal, and news editor for the Charlotte Observer.