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Bit by a Rattlesnake; Put in a Stupor

April 7, 2010

From Life Magazine


A teamster by the name of William Lydick, who pretends to be something of a snake-charmer, entered the saloon of John Smith, near the I. and St. L. depot, yesterday, and contrary to the commands of those present, took from the glass case the large rattlesnake on exhibition there. He took the snake twice from the case; and handled it with impunity, but upon doing so a third time it bit him upon the left hand and upon the middle of the right hand. He replaced the snake, but even then was too drunk to be conscious of his danger.

He was immediately given large quantities of whisky and put into a stupor, and Dr. Mann was summoned, who did all that could be done for him. The left hand is swollen some and the right hand and arm are very much. At about 5:30 P.M. the wounded man was removed to the residence of his employer, James Armstrong, upon North Sixth and a half street, where he is at present. He suffered much all night, and is still suffering, but Dr. Mann thinks that he will probably live.

The snake is in capital health and spirits, and at present writing feels able to take care of any number of charmers who may feel inclined to fondle him.

Kentucky New Era – (Hopkinsville, Kentucky) Sep 4, 1874