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The Columbia ‘Protest’

December 16, 2011

The Columbia ‘Protest’

THE jitters which has gripped a few Columbia professors at they sense the indignation throughout the country against the use of school-rooms to preach disrespect for the American form of government is a good sign!


And the panicky little group, who have signed a request to the McCormack-Dickstein Committee to “investigate” this rising wave of denunciation, thinking thus to stop it, will find their work cut out for them.

*     *     *

THESE disturbed professors have grabbed the banner of “academic freedom” and tried to hoist it, claiming that the Hearst newspapers by their crusade against the infiltration of our schools and colleges with Communistic teaching, are repressing the teacher’s freedom.


There is no freedom, academic or otherwise, to sow disloyalty to our country in the minds of our youth.

There is no academic freedom which embraces the teaching of Communism or any other seditious doctrine aiming at the violent overthrow of the United States Government.

The law has seen to that!

The dilemma of the Columbia professors is a question for the Trustees of the University, who have its good name and reputation in their keeping, rather than for a committee of Congress.

But if the McCormack-Dickstein Committee can find the time and opportunity, with their other heavy labors, to write a separate chapter on COMMUNISM AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, we shall be grateful to it, in common with loyal Americans the nation over.

*     *     *

THE Hearst newspapers have diligently sought to bring the American people to a realization of what is being done in their midst by Communists and the dupes and tools of Communism, with subtle and insidious propaganda.

We have striven to collect and present the evidence of un-American activities wherever we have discovered it.

Much has been accomplished, but much remains to be done.

The co-operation of the McCormack-Dickstein Committee in this patriotic labor would be welcome, together with such unwitting aid as part of the Columbia faculty has rendered by its action in the present instance.

EXPOSURE — PITILESS EXPOSURE — THE FULLEST AND MOST COMPLETE EXPOSURE, is the only way to combat secret and sinister propaganda — aimed at American principles and institutions, and the very EXISTENCE OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT ITSELF!

Rochester Evening Journal (Rochester, New York) Dec 28, 1934

The Communist Paradise

December 14, 2011

* * * * *

The Communist Paradise
Reprinted from N.Y. Daily News.



Now it is just as well to recognize what we recognized.

It is the same old Russia as under the Czars.

There is the same old wholesale indiscriminate massacre of opponents of the despotism, whether those slaughtered be guilty or innocent of crime.

*     *     *

There is the same old conflict for position and power in which the masses are trampled under the feet of the battling factions.

*     *     *

RIGHTS, liberties, opportunities, the people of Russia had not under the Czar and have not under Stalin.

Is it not about time for all of us Americans to realize that peace and progress and happiness only thrive in the soil of liberty and free democracy?

Is it not time for us to realize that those who are attempting to transform this American Republic into a Communistic tyranny of class against class are, above all others, the Number 1 Public Enemies of our country and our people?

They are the most flagrantly seditious and traitorous element of our community.


(Extracts from an editorial which appeared in the Rochester Sunday American and other Hearst newspapers on Sunday, December 9, 1934.)

Rochester Evening Journal (Rochester, New York) Dec 15, 1934

Rochester Evening Journal (Rochester, New York) Dec 11, 1934

Rochester Evening Journal (Rochester, New York) Dec 15, 1934