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Songs of the Wind

October 14, 2011

Songs of the Wind.

What does the wind sing in the day?
It seems to me that it sings in this way!

“There is never a tomb
In this world of bloom
And sunlight sprinkled with sweet perfume —
Never a grave for a rose to hide
And never a rose that died.”

Why does the wind sing in the night?
It seems to me, if my dreams are right —

“There are rainbows back of the storms to be —
Back of the storm and its mystery;
But, oh! for the ships that are lost at sea!
And, oh! for the love in the lonely lands,
Far from the clasp of the drowning hands!”

And it seems to be that it’s God’s decrees
The wind should sing such songs as these —
Should laugh in the sunlight’s silver waves
And hide with roses the world’s sad graves.
But why, in the night, should it sing to me
Of the ships — the ships that are lost at sea!


The News (Frederick, Maryland) Nov 16, 1901