‘The Archer Gang’ and the Archer-Stanfield Feud

Martin County Courthouse in Shoals, Indiana

Martin County Courthouse in Shoals, Indiana

Some background on the Archer Gang, posted by Jan Taylor, on Rootsweb.com.

Much has been written about the Archer Gang. This was one of the reckless gangs who brought fear and terror to the hearts of many. Today they have all faded into history and only their stories remain to be told and retold, stories which always seem to hold great interest and sometimes an air of romance about them. How the outlaws lived and died and about the crimes, they committed in Orange, Dubois and Martin counties in Southern Indiana. The Archer Gang made their headquarters in what is now known as Lost River Township in Martin County, next to the county line. This gang was made up of family members being Thomas Sr., Sam, John, Martin and young Martin Jr. The remaining family members were Sam Marley, first cousin; Kinder Smith,nephew; and John Lynch, related by marriage.

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A Sheriff Defeated.

VINCENNES, Ind., Dec. 29. — Sheriff John A. Padgett arrived here from Martin county, Ind., seeking John B. Archer, who is wanted for the murder of John Bunch, a farmer of that county, who disappeared four years ago. The crime was fastened upon Archer by the recent confession of his deserted wife, who said that Archer murdered Bunch for his money, boiled the flesh of the body in a boiler and buried the bones. Padgett found Archer on a farm five miles south of here. Archer and two companions barricaded themselves in a house and threatened to shoot the officer. Padgett thereupon returned here for re-enforcements and has got a posse of fifteen men to go out with him and capture Archer dead or alive.

The Olean Democrat (Olean, New York) Dec 31, 1885


An Alleged Murderer Caught near Vincennes, Indiana.

By Telegraph to the GAZETTE.
SHOALS, Ind., December 30. — John B. Archer, who is charged with the murder of John B.*[Samuel A.] Bunch, four years ago, was captured at the farm of Leroy Boyd, five miles south of Vincennes, and brought to the Martin county jail, Tuesday, by sheriff Podgett**. David Crane, another of the gang, was also arrested here and lodged in jail. Both state that Bunch was killed by the Archer gang in July, 1882, because he had aided a farm hand of his named Morley***, in escaping from the country. It seems that Morley had killed one of the Archers.

Daily Gazette, The (Fort Wayne, Indiana) Dec 31, 1885

*There appears to be a mix-up/typo regarding the victim’s name in the article above. Based on the “History of Orange County Indiana, Bunch’s name was Samuel, not John. **Podgett is probably Padgett as well. ***Morley is actually Marley.


A Murderer Caught.

Tom Archer, charged with the murder of Jno. B.* Bunch, near Shoals, Martin Co., Indiana, in 1881, was arrested in this city late Thursday night by City Marshall Miles. Archer had just arrived and getting considerably under the influence of liquor, divulged his name to the Marshall. In 1881 John B. Bunch was murdered near Shoals and his body sunk in the river and afterwards is supposed to have been taken up by the perpetrators of the crime and burned. Tom Archer, this same Archer, and a man named Lynch are charged with committing the deed. All have been arrested.

Reno Evening Gazette (Reno, Nevada) Jan 2, 1886




A Father, Brother, and Son’s Murderous Career.

Three leaders of a gang of desperadoes in Martin county, Ind., have just received summary punishment at the hands of a midnight band of lynchers. Details of the affair are as follows:

Precisely at 11:30 o’clock a vigilance committee of about 100, composed of men from Martin and Orange counties surrounded the jail at Shoals. The lynchers were very quiet and orderly, and the sheriff was first aroused by the barking of his dog, followed by a knock on the door. He asked who was there, and the answer was a crashing in of the front door, followed by heavy blows which completely demolished it. The mob then went to the jail door and knocked off the lock and were dismayed to find another which would not yield to blows. After about twenty minutes a man in the crowd was found who understood opening the cell door. It yielded to his efforts and the lynchers rushed in and grabbed all three of the intended victims, Thomas, Martin, and John Archer, the latter the son of Thomas, the ringleaders of what is known as the Archer gang. The mob was provided with the necessary tools both to get in and to capture them if they made any resistance. Several of them had long iron hooks with which to grab the prisoners around the neck if they resisted without endangering their own lives.

When the Archer gang saw the lynchers they offered no resistance, and when asked if they had anything to say they refused to speak. Their hands were tied behind their backs, and they were taken over to the court house yard. They were again asked if they had any confession to make, and, still no reply being given by any of them they were unceremoniously strung up to young maple trees. Tom Archer, the oldest one of the gang, about sixty years of age, was hanged first. Martin Archer, brother to Tom, aged about forty-five years, was suspended next. John Archer, son of Tom Archer, who was about thirty years old, was hung to a tree with his hands tied behind him, about thirty feet from his father.

The crimes for which the three men were hanged comprise almost everything in the criminal calendar from murder to petty thieving. For twenty-five years they had been a reigning terror, both in Martin and Orange counties, and had terrorized the community in which they lived until the people did not know when they went to bed at night whether they would be murdered before morning or their houses burned down. They never failed to visit vengeance for a fancied slight, and many a farmer in Orange and Martin counties had lost considerable sums of money by daring robbery, the theft of cattle, or the burning down of barns and houses. Martin Archer had a family living in Southwest Township, Orange county, who are well thought of. Two of his children are young ladies teaching school in that section of the country. Old Tom Archer, as he was called, lived in Martin county, Columbia township, and had a large family, every one of whom are under indictments for larceny, arson and murder, an bear a bad name generally. John Archer, formerly lived in Columbia township, and in the past year had been living seven miles east of Vincennes, where he was captured two months ago and brought to Shoals by Sheriff Padgett. The chief cause for their being hanged was the confession of John Lynch, anther member of the gang, who is in the Washington Daviess county jail. He made a confession and told where the bones of a man named Bunch, one of the victims, were. They were found in two different graves, the body having been cut lengthwise, and each piece being buried separate. It seems that unknown parties followed the officials when they went to the place where Bunch was buried and saw them exhume the remains. Word was immediately spread over the county, and the vigilants prepared themselves accordingly.

The Delta Herald (Delta, Pennsylvania) Mar 19, 1886


In a trial on Thursday of a brother for shooting at the man who had assaulted his sister, while on trial for the crime in the Criminal Court, Judge Clark gave the jury this charge:

“The current history of crime in this country is that, with rare exceptions, juries will not convict a man of murder for killing another man who has in any of the forms of licentiousness violated the virtue and chastity of a female who stands in the near relation of wife, daughter, or sister to the slayer. This results from a higher degree of civilization and a more elevated plane of common sense that recognizes the truth that nothing so justly exasperates and more heats the blood than such an offense against a near female relative, and that therefore if hot blood should in any case extenuate homicide much more should it in such cases.”

The man was acquitted, of course, but the charge of the judge has attracted no little attention and comment among lawyers and others.

Judge D.O? Heffner and Sheriff J.A. Padgett, of Martin County, have sent a request to the Governor for troops to assist in preserving the peace at the preliminary examinations of Sam Archer and Lynch, to be held at Shoals Wednesday next. The Governor has instructed the Attorney-General to have a company of militia ready.

The New York Times (New York, New York) Mar 21, 1886



INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March 27. — A special dispatch from Shoals, Ind., gives the conclusion of the trial of Sam Archer, the last of the gang three of whom were recently lynched in the Court House yard. The trial has been proceeding since Wednesday, the prisoner being under the guard of a company of State militia from this city. After the Judge had charged the jury they retired, but were not out more than an hour when they agreed upon the verdict, as follows:

“We, the jury, find the defendant, Samuel Archer, not guilty as charged in the second count of the indictment, and we do find the defendant, Samuel Archer, guilty of murder in the first degree as charged in the first count of the indictment, and assess his punishment at death.”

The prisoner, who sat facing the jury, moved not a muscle, but sat motionless as he had during the whole of his trial, yet his face showed that he was in deep thought. The attorneys asked for a new trial, which the Judge overruled. Another motion was made asking an arrest of judgement, which was also overruled, and then the Judge addressed the prisoner as follows:

“It has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt that you willfully and maliciously took the life of Samuel A. Bunch, making you guilty of the charge proffered against you of murder in the first degree, for which crime you shall suffer death. You shall hang by your neck in the jail yard in West Shoals until you are dead on the 9th day of July, 1886.”

Had the Judge fixed the date three days later it would have been the fourth anniversary of the murder for which Archer forfeits his life. In the meantime the Judge ordered that the prisoner be kept in close confinement in the Martin County Jail or such other place of safety as the court may from time to time direct. The prisoner was then removed to his cell. He was gazed at by hundreds as he passed through the long lines of people on either side of the walk through which he was required to pass.

The court room was then cleared of part of the spectators, and John D. Lynch, the last of the notorious gang, and through whom the principal evidence was obtained which fixed the guilt of his comrade, was called to answer the charge of perjury. He pleaded guilty, and was immediately sentenced to three years at hard labor in the State prison. He was removed to jail to remain until afternoon, when he was taken to the station under the escort of Sheriff Padgett and the militia, and arrived at the Jeffersonville.

Prison this evening.

Since the conviction and sentence of Sam Archer it is currently and authentically reported that he has exposed the entire gang, and that some startling revelations will be the result. It is thought the Archer gang is not the proper appellation, and that the organization extends over some half dozen counties at least, and that Mart Archer, the acknowledged leader in this locality, ranks no higher than second lieutenant as compared with some of the other leaders.

The New York Times (New York, New York) Mar 28, 1886



VINCENNES, Ind., April 2. Samuel Archer, sentenced to be hanged July 9 for his many crimes, confessed in jail yesterday that the testimony of John Lynch against him was correct from beginning to end, and attributes the misfortunes and criminal actions of the Archer family to his uncle, Martin Archer who, Sam said, seemed to enjoy killing people.

The New York Times (New York, New York) Apr 3, 1886



INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March 16. — A Shoals (Martin County) special to the Journal says: Much violence seems to have spread to adjoining counties. A report was current here today for the first time that a bold attempt at lynching was made on Friday night last near French Lick, Orange County. This was not generally known until to-day. The victim was Kinder Smith, a nephew of the late Thomas and Mart Archer, who expiated their crimes more fully. Smith was a desperate character, and was supposed to be implicated in the horrible crimes perpetuated by the family in this county. The mob captured their victim at the house of Bennett Grigsbey. The lynchers, about 35 in number, surrounded the house and demanded the surrender of Smith, who was soon in their possession. They then marched him in  their midst to a dark woods near by, where a rope was in readiness. A noose was hastily made and placed over his neck. The spokesman then ordered the lynchers to make ready. He placed one end of the rope over a limb of a tree and the mob pulled up Smith’s body, leaving him dangling in the air for a few moments, when, fearing death would free their victim, he was lowered to the ground. After recovering consciousness he was again swung in midair until he began to turn black, when he was again lowered and asked to tell what he knew of the Archer gang and their crimes. He said he knew nothing. He was then raised by the rope and lowered again. This time he was almost past saving, but after a short time revived sufficiently to speak, when he was again asked what he knew of the Archer gang, and if he was a member, and, receiving no answer, they decided to try, the whipping post. A large bunch of hickory switches were obtained and he was given 40 lashes. When he was again asked for the desired information he said he was innocent, and begged for mercy, when they agreed to free him on condition that he would leave that section of the State and never again return. He accepted the proposition, and they told him that if he were seen here again a like punishment would be inflicted. The people in that section of the country are determined to protect themselves and property at all hazards, and mob law is the last resort, and they claim it is justifiable in this case, believing that there are some persons yet at large who are as deeply implicated as those already dealt with.

The New York Times (New York, New York) Mar 17, 1886



The Governor of Indiana positively declines to interfere with the sentence of death pronounced against Sam Archer, at Shoals.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) May 7, 1886



Samuel Archer, Member of a Noted Gang of Desperadoes, Hanged at Shoals, Ind.

A Brief History of the Bloody Crimes for Which He and His Brothers Suffered Death.


SHOALS, Ind., July 10. — Sam Archer, one of the members of the famous Archer gang of desperadoes, received the reward of his many crimes yesterday from the hands of the sheriff, being hanged for the brutal murder of Samuel A. Burch on the 11th of July, 1882. The story of the murder, as condensed from the confession of Lynch, one of the gang, is as follows: On the 3d of July, 1882, Sam Marley and Matt Archer got into a difficulty, resulting in the fatal shooting of Archer and Marley. This enraged the older Archers, as they were called, very much, and they determined to punish Marley at the first opportunity, and to accomplish this end they organized themselves into a gang of six members, viz Tom, Mart, John and Sam Archer, John D. Lynch and David Crane. Mart was chosen captain and adviser. The work of ferreting out the hiding place of Marley began. Bunch’s house was guarded constantly, as suspicion rested on him as the one who was aiding Marley to escape. This espionage did not reveal the desired information and the Archers resolved to kill Bunch if he refused to reveal Marley’s hiding-place. They seized him, took him to a cave and murdered him. Nothing was learned of Bunch’s fate until last winter, when the deserted wife of John Archer, who had taken refuge in the Martin County Poor Asylum, gave evidence that caused the arrest of the Archers. On March 9, 1886, a mob attacked the jail at Shoals, battered down the doors, and, seizing Mart, Thomas and John Archer, father, son and brother, lynched them. A week later Sam Archer was arrested in Fountain County and brought here, and was tried and convicted as above stated. Sam Archer leaves a mother, two sisters and two brothers. His oldest brother is serving a term in the penitentiary for grand larceny, while the youngest is serving time in the reform school at Plainfield. The fate of the Archer family is a hard one. Four of them have been victims of the gallows and two others are in prison.

The Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) Jul 11, 1886



The Coroner Acquits Archer of Her Murder and Renders a Verdict That She Suicided.

VINCENNES, Ind., Dec 22. The coroner rendered a verdict in the case of the tragic death of Miss Stanfield in Martin County, to the effect that she committed suicide by shooting. The preliminary trial of Charles Archer, charged with her death, was held, and yesterday he was liberated. He testified that he was with her the night before her death and that she took his revolver and hid it. He asked her why she did so and she said she was going to commit suicide. The next morning (Saturday) he saw her walking along the road toward a church. He hastened toward her. She turned on him and pulled out the revolver and told him if he came any further she would shoot herself. He had ruined her and would not marry her and she was going to die. She placed the revolver to her breast and fired, the ball entering her heart. Archer then gave the alarm. The testimony of the physicians who held the postmortem; was that she could not have inflicted the wound on herself; that she must have been sitting down when shot. General dissatisfaction was felt at the coroner’s verdict, and another warrant was issued for Archer’s arrest, but it is rumored that he has fled the country.

The Dunkirk Observer Journal (Dunkirk, New York) Dec 22, 1887


John Lynch, who several years ago belonged to the Archer gang of desperadoes, who terrorized southern Indiana, is dead. He was the last of the crowd to pass away.

Fort Wayne News (Fort Wayne, Indiana) Dec 19, 1894

image from wildtexasart.com

image from wildtexasart.com

Old Hatreds Cause Many Deaths in Indiana Feud: Date Back to Year 1882 Shoals, Ind.

Oct. 4 — Another life has been forfeited and the sixth member of the Archer family of Southern Martin County, has “died with his boots on” as a result of a family feud that has raged there for several years, it was revealed here, following the fatal shooting from ambush of Clyde Archer nineteen recently.

For years Hoosiers have been wont to look with pity, if not disdain, on the family feuds which members of warring families of the Bluegrass State. But apparently in Indiana’s backyard a family feud has been raging for years between the Archers and Stanfield families which has resulted in several deaths.

Clyde Archer met his death Tuesday, August 15. About a year previous young Archer had killed his man at French Lick, Ind., when he stabbed Roy Stanfield, a neighbor, who accused Archer of stealing some money. He was acquitted in court on a plea of self-defense.

Row is of Old Standing.

The two families had harbored ill feelings against each other for many years following the killing of Annabel Stanfield by Charles Archer, an uncle of Clyde. The older Archer was acquitted of this crime, and a few years later a brother of Clyde was freed of a murder charge.

Back in 1882 Martin Archer was killed by a man named Morley, who was afraid Archer might tell of a larceny job in which the murderer, his victim and John B. Bunch were implicated. This killing aroused the ire of the Archer family, the member of which swore vengeance.

The Archers, accompanied by John Lynch, went in search of Marley and, being unable to find him, discovered Bunch. When Bunch declined to reveal the hiding place of Marley the Archers bound him took him to Saltpeter Cave in Orange County, Ind. a lonely spot near the home of Tom Archer.

Here they again demanded of Bunch that he tell where Marley was hiding. As Bunch repeated his statement that he did not know the whereabouts of Marley the Archers shot him to death and left his body in the cave several days.

Later they removed the corpse, placed it upon a pile of brush that had been saturated with coal oil, and burned it. Then a tree was felled and placed over the ashes to prevent discovery of the crime.

Confesses to Crime.

Fours years later, Lynch, conscience-stricken, confessed to the crime. Following the confession Thomas Archer, sixty-five, and Martin Archer, fifty, brothers, were arrested. Then John Archer, thirty, was taken into custody in connection with the grewsome murder.

All three were placed in jail at Shoals, Sam Archer, father of John, and another member of the murder band, was still at large.

At midnight, March 9, 1886, a band of armed, masked men visited the Shoals jail, removed the three Archers and hanged them to trees in the courthouse yard. Their bodies were permitted to hang there until 11 o’clock the next morning.

A short time later Sam Archer was apprehended, tried, convicted and sentenced to be hanged. The execution took place July 9, 1886 in the presence of what was termed a “circus day” crowd assembled about the scaffold.

All that saved Lynch from being a victim of the executions of the mob that hanged the three Archers was the fact that he was confined in the Daviess County Jail.

Since that time the hatred between the two families has grown apace, and, members of each family are on guard always for an outbreak of the feud.

Olean Evening Times (Olean, New York) Oct 6, 1922

More newspaper transcriptions (New York Times articles) can be found at this link.

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58 Responses to “‘The Archer Gang’ and the Archer-Stanfield Feud”

  1. Vicki McDonald Says:

    The Archer Gang was my grandmther’s great uncles and cousins. this is a part of her family she would not even talk about/ My Grandmother’s name was Louisa Archer. Her father was Charles Archer

    • mrstkdsd Says:

      Thanks for the comment. I can understand why your grandmother wouldn’t talk about it, but it sure makes for some interesting family history! I haven’t run across anyone quite this interesting in my family history yet.

    • Dlcs Says:

      We still don’t talk much about it. I’m much more closely related. Vicki – I’d love to get in contact with you but don’t know how to go about it here.

    • Herbert L. Archer Says:

      I just recently found out that I might be related to the people mentioned on this website. My ancesters were traced back to about 1754 and there seems to be a pretty strong evidence line back to the Revolutionary War. I wondered if we might be related somewhere along that line. I am willing to learn more from you if possible.
      Herbert L. Archer (

    • Christine McDowell Says:

      My father’s mother was Bertha Stanfield Meeks. Her father was John Stanfield, and her mother was Jane Archer. I think I am related to all of the people mentioned.I would love to find out more information on the family connection. Bertha was born in Frenchlick in 1906. Jane Archer parent’s were John and Mary Archer.

      • oldnews Says:

        I don’t have further information, but maybe one of the com enters will read this and can help you out.

    • Cheyenne Terrell Bowman Says:

      Hi Vicki, my great great grandmothers name was also Louisa Archer. born 1892, married a Harvey Ephraim Terrell. She was Native American. could it be the same person? My dad has told me some of her family was hanged in the shoals killings. But I don’t understand why he last name would be Archer then. any ideas?

      • Sandy Young Says:

        Hi, my husband’s great grandmother was Mary Ellen Archer & great grandfather was William S Standfield. We’ve heard there was Native American in family but couldn’t figure out where. Do you have anymore information?

      • Vicki McDonald Says:

        It is the very same Louisa Archer Terrell..She was my grandmother. What are your parents names… Your dad would almost have to be my first cousin. I have all the Archer genealogy back to early 1700’s. Louisa was not full blooded Cherokee but her grandmother was..her name was Nancy Springer.

      • Holly Says:

        We are all related! Haha. My great great grandmother is mabel archer. Louisa, james, and ora are her siblings. Father is Charles archer and mother is lennie chastine.

    • Cheyenne Terrell Bowman Says:

      Yu know what, the more I think about it, I think when he meant some of her family was killed, he was talking about the archer gang. her cousins!

    • julie weaver hearrell Says:

      Vicki, my grandmothers name was Geneva Lois Archer Curtis I know we are related to the archer gang, I believe they where my grandmothers close family but mom and grandma would never talk about them to us .could you please look in your history timeline and see if you could find her name for me.

  2. terri archer Says:

    the archer gang was part of my family. in my family we always talk about. the worst part is when i go to shoals and the want to my last name when i tell them the give me the eye like im going to kill them r something

  3. evan scarbrough Says:

    I am related to these Archers. My Grandfather Archer Grandfather George Archer these were his cousin’s and uncles. Great info.

    • Shirley Says:

      My grandfater was also named George Archer from Oaktown, ln. My grandma Archer always said her uncles never did the things they said they did. Knowing my family some things wouldn’t surprise me

  4. Kathy Says:

    Do you know if any of the Archer gang was related to Anna Archer Grimes? She was my great great grandmother. I’ve been told that they may have been her brother’s sons, but I can’t find any information on her siblings. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Vicki McDonald Says:

      I have all the Archer history..I will check to see if Anna Archer Grimes was part of it for you

  5. mrstkdsd Says:


    I looked on Ancestry and could not find a family tree with an Anna Archer married to a Grimes. Do you have anymore information on your Anna? Parents, brother, birth year etc? Someone might have the family listed, but not have a spouse for Anna, but I would need more info to go on. Of course, maybe you have already checked, and since I am not related in any way, I really don’t have anymore information than what I have posted, but perhaps, one of the commenters might know more.

  6. Kathy Says:

    All I know is that Anna Archer married John Grimes and they had a daughter named Zora. Zora married Grover Newton Winkler and they are the parents of my grandfather, Gerald Winkler. I have no records of the Archer side of the family…..just pictures…..and of course, they all lived in the Martin/Orange County area in Indiana. Zora died December 7, 1945 and she was 54 years old, so she would’ve been born around 1891. Thanks for your help.

  7. Kathy Says:

    ….one more thing……Zora’s name was Zora Howerton when she died. She first married Grover Newton Winkler, then Dora Mundy, then Richmond Howerton……(if that helps)…

    • mrstkdsd Says:

      Hi Kathy,

      I took a quick look at the census records for 1880 and 1900. It looks like your family was in Lost River, Martin Co., IN at that time, and the “other” Archers were in Columbia Twp., which was adjacent to Lost River.

      It looks to me that your Anna Archer Grimes was Margaret A. Archer, daughter of James and Nancy Jane Archer. If that’s the case, then your Anna was probably related to the Archers in question. Here are the census records:

      Name: Margaret A Grimes
      Home in 1900: Lost River, Martin, Indiana
      Age: 36
      Birth Date: Oct 1863
      Birthplace: Indiana
      Race: White
      Gender: Female
      Relationship to head-of-house: Wife
      Father’s Birthplace: Indiana
      Mother’s Birthplace: Indiana
      Mother: number of living children: 6
      Mother: How many children: 7
      Spouse’s Name: John Grimes
      Marriage Year: 1882
      Marital Status: Married
      Years Married: 18
      Household Members:
      Name Age
      John Grimes 36 – Oct 1863
      Margaret A Grimes 36
      Stanford Grimes 16 – Apr 1884
      Lymon M Grimes 14 – Nov 1885
      Louisa J Grimes 11 – Jun 1888
      Elzora Grimes 8 – Aug 1891
      Hattie A Grimes 5 – Nov 1894
      Mary S Grimes 1 – May 1899
      Name: Margaret A. Archer
      Home in 1880: Lost River, Martin, Indiana
      Age: 16
      Estimated Birth Year: abt 1864
      Birthplace: Indiana
      Relation to Head of Household: Dau (Daughter)
      Father’s Name: James Archer
      Father’s birthplace: Indiana
      Mother’s Name: Nancy Jane Archer
      Mother’s birthplace: Indiana
      Occupation: At Home
      Marital Status: Single
      Race: White
      Gender: Female
      Household Members:
      Name Age
      James Archer 45 IN KY OH
      Nancy Jane Archer 41
      Mary Ellen Archer 22
      Sarah E. Archer 20
      Thomas J. Archer 18
      Margaret A. Archer 16
      Emily A. Archer 13
      John Archer 12
      Charles Archer 9
      Laura Archer 8
      Wm. Franklin Archer 6
      Silvester Archer 4
      Name: Thos. C. Archer
      [Thomas C. Archer]
      Home in 1880: Columbia, Martin, Indiana
      Age: 49
      Estimated Birth Year: abt 1831
      Birthplace: Indiana
      Relation to Head of Household: Self (Head)
      Spouse’s Name: Jane Archer
      Father’s birthplace: Kentucky
      Mother’s birthplace: Ohio
      Occupation: Farmer
      Marital Status: Married
      Household Members:
      Name Age
      Thos. C. Archer 49
      Jane Archer 40
      Martin A. Archer 18
      Annie L. Archer 16
      Andrew J. Archer 13
      Albert S. Archer 10
      Aurilla F. Archer 7
      Thomas Archer 4
      Name: M. V. Archer
      [Martin V. Archer]
      Home in 1880: Shoals, Martin, Indiana
      Age: 37
      Estimated Birth Year: abt 1843
      Birthplace: Indiana
      Relation to Head of Household: Self (Head)
      Spouse’s Name: Sarah Archer
      Father’s birthplace: Kentucky
      Mother’s birthplace: Kentucky
      Occupation: Blacksmith
      Marital Status: Married
      Race: White
      Gender: Male
      Household Members:
      Name Age
      M. V. Archer 37
      Sarah Archer 37
      Laura H. Archer 17
      Mary E. Archer 13
      William Zahner 1
      THE ARCHER FAMILY in 1850:

      Name: James Archer
      Age: 15
      Estimated Birth Year: abt 1835
      Birth Place: Indiana
      Gender: Male
      Home in 1850: French Lick, Orange, Indiana
      Family Number: 928
      Household Members:
      Name Age
      Jesse W Archer 53 – 1797 KY
      Mary Archer 52 – 1798 KY
      John Archer 32
      Benjamin Archer 21
      Martha Archer 23
      Thomas Archer 19 – b: 1831 IN
      Leonard Archer 17
      James Archer 15
      Hannah Archer 11
      Martin Archer 7 – b: 1843 IN
      Susan Mcgrew 25
      Moses Mcgrew 6
      Mary Mcgrew 4

      This looks like all the brothers with the parents and other siblings. Birth years match the men in the 1880 census records above. My guess is that these are probably the same men as mentioned in the article. In 1900, Jane Archer, wife of Thomas, appears to be living with son, Andrew.

      Anyway, this should give you something to go on, if you want to find out more about the family.

  8. Kathy Says:

    Thank you so much for the information!! Can’t wait to add this to my records. I’m trying to compile it all in a book for my kids. Thanks again.

  9. Betty Jenkins Says:

    My great grandmother Louvica Able was the sister of Elizabeth Jane Wolfington. She is buried at the Wolfington-Jackman Cemetery and her daughter, my grandmother, Dessie Royer and my uncle (Dessie’s son) Clifton are also buried there. Does anyone have any info on Louvica Able or Dessie Royer (divorced wife of Charlie Royer)?

    • Vicki McDonald Says:

      My granadmother was Louisa Jane Archer. She was a cousin to all the Archer gang. I have pictures of them hanging in front of the courthouse. I think maybe your great grandmother was a daughter to one of the sisters which is why she had the last name Wolfington. I will go back through what I have and try to see if I can find anything on her..

      • larry archer Says:

        vicki i am larry archer direct decentant of charles archer. would you please e mail a copy of the pictures. my father was andrew j archer born 1918. thank you.

      • Herbert L. Archer Says:

        My name is Herbert Archer and I believe that Charles Archer is my grandfather. My fathers name was Herbert Woodrow Archer….his father was Charles Archer. I would be intersted in any pictures of my relatives from any time framr. Thank you

      • Vicki McDonald Says:

        I have to work today but over the weekend I will send you the pics!

      • Holly Says:

        Vicki, I would love any pictures and information you may have. I will pay you. Ha. My great great grandmother is mabel archer…sister to Louisa Jane, James otis, and ora archer. My family had zero information on their parents and so on. I finally found it to be Charles archer and Lennie Chastine. Coming across this web page is blowing my mind.

  10. Betty Jenkins Says:

    Thank you Vicki. I would appreciate any info you may have. I live in Texas and when I am in Indiana, I do not have the time to do in depth search. I have copied the stories above and really enjoyed reading them.

  11. fathertime Says:

    I live on what is called Outlaw Road. I have for over 40 years. My parents were raised here also. My grandfather told me that his dad carried a pistol for protection from the Archer gang. They had a spot on the hill opposite of my house called the “Buzzards Nest” where they waited to rob passing peddlers.

    • oldnews Says:

      Neat story! Thanks for sharing.

    • Tom Southern Says:

      Hello, my name in Thomas Southern jr. I was named after my great grandfather. Thomas Archer my grandmother is Ruth Archer Southern. Tom Archer the leader was her grandfather… I just found out this information I was looking her up. Most of the Archers are buried at Ames Chapel Cemetery in Paola,Ind. Ruth E. Archer 13 July 1921~28 March 1983. Her father Thomas C. Archer 1875-1964 mother Mary Ellen Stout Archer 1878-1941. I would love to find out more about the family. Contact: Tom or Sally Southern TSDM153@aol.com
      Thanks everyone

      • Matt Woolsey Says:

        Hi, Thomas. I can’t remember if I have posted on here before. I got your comment by email. Hannah Archer, the younger sister of the Archer Gang leaders, was my great-great-grandmother. She married Henry Phillips, my great-great-grandfather. They weren’t involved in the gang, and in fact moved to the next county during the peak years of the gang’s activity. But I guess you and I are related. Have you done the Ancestry DNA test? I have. I have a tree on the site.

  12. John D.Archer Says:

    My Grandpa was George Archer-My Dad was John Ralph Archer Grandma i think was Dolly Archer-I lived in Oaktown In as a Child and also in Bicknell and Pleasantville In.I remember Aunts Thelma & Selma-Uncles Harley & Harvey(Bigun & Lit)I remember Meeting an elder Stanfield at an Archer Family Reunion in Bicknell!

    • Patrick T. Archer Says:

      yes, J. D. Archer is my half brother and our father was John Henry Ralph Archer born in Pleasantville, IN 1920

    • Jennifer Cline Says:

      Hi, John (and Patrick – who I am GLADLY already in touch with via Facebook). Are you going to be at the Archer family reunion next weekend? I am Jennifer Cline, daughter of Jim Cline, granddaughter of Garnett Moore Cline, great granddaughter of Mary Elizabeth Archer Moore, great GREAT granddaughter of John Archer. My grandfather, Carl Cline, was good friends with your dad way back when and my dad has fond memories of staying with his uncle George Archer when he was a kid. We live in Southern California and are driving back to visit family and attend the reunion – my dad’s uncle Bigun sent us the invite. I’m really looking forward to meeting some of my distant relatives and hearing some stories! My dad seems to think it wouldn’t be polite to talk about the Archer Gang but I’m hoping to get someone talking. We are going to be staying in Vincennes with my dad’s 91 year old aunt on my grandfather’s side of the family – Virginia Abluton (Cline). If you are attending I’d love to say hi!

      • Sandy Says:

        Hi. I am Sandy Archer Dowden, Big is my Dads twin brother. Harley Donald (Big) and Harvey Ronald (Litt) my dad, so nicknamed becaus ed of the size of the twins. The were the sons of John Edmund Archer and Dolly VanPatten. I have quite a bit of articles and hope someday to put it together in some semblance of order. My dad (now passed away) gave me pictures of the 3 brothers that were lynched. It is a very interesting story and I am sure you had no problems getting people to talk. Our problem is becoming that most of the family that knew the history fairly well have passed away. This is a very well written article and I enjoyed reading it very much. Thanks to the author.

  13. jerry archer Says:

    im the great grandson of William archer grandson of William lewis archer son of jerry archer in orange county in three of the archer gang are buried in a tiny cemetery in French lick in

  14. barry l nicholson Says:

    my great great granddad is james archer a brother to tom and mart archer i live about 10 mile from outlaw road. ivn heard many a tale about the outlaws. and i thank its kool that mart and tom archer are my great great great uncles

  15. larry archer Says:

    in the Bloomington Bedford sundayherald times dec. 5 1976 starting on page 49&50 an 54 are full pages on the Archer Gang also Jhn B Bunch once led the gang

  16. larry archer Says:

    thank you for time you have put in to the Archer history. they was not sit at home type.

  17. Sandy Young Says:

    I read online that to end the Archer-Stanfield feud, the families decided that one of their sons should marry the other family’s daughter. Have any of you head this before or have any information? Thanks!

  18. Sharon Marley Morris Says:

    I am a descendant of William and Eleanor Marley who were married at Washington County, IN in 1821. My great grandfather was their youngest child, Ezra Kemp Marley who married Susan Beck and lived near Shoales. I was wondering if there is a connection to Sam Marley, and also is the father of Sam known?

  19. Dennis M. Archer Says:

    yes the stories are all true as I heard them from my father John Ralph Archer and his step father Homer Smith. My name is Dennis M Archer brother to Patrick and J.D. Archer

  20. Dennis M. Archer Says:

    The tales also goes on to a bootlegging empire during prohibation

  21. Vicki McDonald Says:

    All very interesting..I have pictures of the Archer gang hanging on the tree outside the Orange County courthouse!

    • Linda Archer Potts Says:

      My name is Linda Archer Potts my dad was Paul son of Dolly and John Archer Vicki McDonald says she has pictures is there any way to get them I am just now getting in touch with a few cousins I have never met Patrick Archer being one of them My father used to tell stories which I just believed were stories till a few years back I am very interested if any one has any additional info on the Archer Gang

  22. Vicki McDonald Says:

    Sorry it was the Martin County courthouse in Shoals, Indiana

  23. Matt Says:

    Hannah Archer, a sister, was my great, great grandmother. Her husband was Henry Phillips, a farmer. I’m trying to find out who Henry’s parents were.

    • Matt Says:

      In other words, Henry Phillips and Hannah Archer Phillips were my great, great grandparents. Hannah was a sister of the Archer brothers who were the gang leaders. She and Henry were not a part of the gang, thank goodness. But I would love to find out who Henry’s parents were.

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