Baker-Howard Feud

Boys and men stand around George Baker's dead mule in front of Oneida Baptist Institute. The mule was killed when two men on opposite sides of the Baker-Howard feud clashed and opened fire. Charlie Roberts intended to shoot George Baker, but missed and shot George's mule instead. Bystanders are dressed for Commencement Day at the Oneida Institute in 1915.

Boys and men stand around George Baker's dead mule in front of Oneida Baptist Institute. The mule was killed when two men on opposite sides of the Baker-Howard feud clashed and opened fire. Charlie Roberts intended to shoot George Baker, but missed and shot George's mule instead. Bystanders are dressed for Commencement Day at the Oneida Institute in 1915.

Image from University of Louisville Digital Collections. *If the photograph date is correct, this must have been a different George Baker, maybe his son or some other relative.


Barboursville, Ky., April 13. Five more murders resulted from the Baker-Howard feud. On Saturday George Baker was shot and killed by members of the Howard faction while on his way to town. On Sunday Al Baker and his brother went to Howard’s home, called the old man out and shot him to death, and then killed his wife and two children.

Portsmouth Herald (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) Apr 13, 1898


Howard-Baker Feud Reopened.

BARBOURVILLE, Ky., June 4. — The Howard-Baker feud broke out again Thursday night, when Tom Baker shot and instantly killed Beverly White, a member of the Howard faction. They met on the highway several miles north of Manchester.

Naugatuck Daily News (Naugatuck, Connecticut) Jun 4, 1898



PINEVILLE, Ky., June 4. — (By Associated Press) — Six men have been killed in the past ten days in the Howard-Baker feud. Judge Brown will not be allowed to hold court on Monday, and has sent to the governor for troops. The governor has none to send, and the civil authorities are powerless.

The Massillon Independent (Massillon, Ohio) Jun 6, 1898


A Collision Is Feared Before Troops Can Come Upon the Scene.

MIDDLESBORO, Ky., June 10. — The news from the Howard-Baker feud in Clay county is startling. Howard’s party, 50 strong, has taken possession of the town of Manchester. The Baker following, consisting of 40 well armed men, have rendezvoused three miles from the town. Judge Brown is wholly unable to proceed with holding court. Although he expects troops sent by Governor Bradley it is feared the two parties will come into collision before the troops can arrive.

Eau Claire Leader (Eau Claire, Wisconsin) Jun 11, 1898


Trouble in Kentucky.
(By Associated Press.)

MIDDLESBORO, (Ky.), June 10. — The news from the Howard-Baker feud in Clay county is startling. Howard’s party, fifty strong, has taken possession of the town of Manchester. The Baker following, consisting of forty well-armed men, have rendezvoused three miles from town. Judge Brown is wholly unable to proceed with holding court. Although he expects troops sent by Governor Bradley, it is feared the two parties will come into collision before the troops arrive.

A company of State troops arrived at Rowland, Clay county, to-day and left in vehicles for Manchester, the site of the Baker-Howard feud, where Judge Brown is attempting to hold court. Judge Brown is with the troops and has warned the Whites and Howards, who are holding the town, that if a demonstration is made against the troops serious trouble will follow. The Bakers, who are surrounding the town, broke into a warehouse and secured six barrels of whiskey last night and a messenger from the scene this morning says they are all drunk and will attempt to follow the troops into the place. The State troops are new volunteers and are green, having only received their uniforms and guns a week ago.

The Weekly Gazette And Stockman (Reno, Nevada) Jun 16, 1898


Principal in Kentucky Feud Is Shot from Ambush.

Thomas Baker, principal in the famous Howard-Baker feud, was shot from ambush and killed near his home at Winchester, Ky. Baker was alleged to have said there were four men in Clay County he was going to kill, after which he was willing to be hanged. Baker has a great number of friends, and the bloody war between his faction on one side and the Howards and Whites on the other is expected to result in other murders.

Carroll Sentinel (Carroll, Iowa) Jun 1, 1899


Troops to End a Feud.

Chicago, June 1. — A special to The Tribune from Frankfort Ky., says: One hundred troops will be sent to Manchester, Clay county, to aid the civil authorities in capturing and bringing to trial the leaders in the Baker-Howard feud that has been carried on with bitterness for several years, resulting in the killing of nine or ten men. Two of the Baker faction are now in jail, and when the troops attempt to arrest the guilty Howards more bloodshed is expected.

The Evening Democrat (Warren, Pennsylvania) Jun 1, 1899


Life in Kentucky.

Lexington, Ky., — June 3. — The Lexington battalion of the first regiment left this morning for Manchester, where the participants of the Baker-Howard feud will be tried. The troops are sent to prevent a possible outbreak during the trial.

All member of the battalion are dead shots. A gatling gun was also taken along. It is feared an attempt to ambush the troops will be made.

Daily Iowa State Press (Iowa City, Iowa) Jun 3, 1899

Tom Baker

Tom Baker

Image from Feuds of Clay Co., Ky on rootsweb. They authors provide a good amount of information that is worth reading.

Thomas Baker Killed.

Louisville, Ky., June 12. — The Howards and Whites have kept their word, and Thomas Baker, the recognized leader of the Baker faction in the Baker-Howard feud, is a dead man. He was shot through the body and instantly killed a moment after he had obtained a change of venue in his trial on the charge of killing one of the Howards. The killing was done in the Court House yard, with a battalion of militia all around at the time. The rifle shot was fired from a window in the house of Sheriff Beverly P. White, directly across the street from the Court House. White is one of the Howard faction.

Portsmouth Herald (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) Jun 13, 1899

Manchester Courthouse - Clay County, Kentucky

Manchester Courthouse - Clay County, Kentucky

May Be More Bloodshed.

Manchester, Ky., June 13. — Sheriff White has been arrested and charged with the murder of Tom Baker, who was the leader of the Baker faction in the Baker-Howard feud. The sheriff is under the same military guard that was sent here in a vain endeavor to protect Baker’s life, but Col. Williams has taken every precaution to see that his new prisoner, if found guilty, shall pay the penalty without the premature fate of his alleged victim. Nevertheless, blood for blood is the cry of Baker’s relatives, and those who know them say they are sure to get it.

Portsmouth Herald (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) Jun 14, 1899


Hidden Assassin at Manchester, Ky., Kills Tom Baker, Leader of a Famous Faction.

Manchester, Ky., June 12. — Tom Baker, the recognized leader of his faction, was shot and killed in the courthouse yard Saturday evening. The shooting was done after Special Judge A. King Cook had granted the Bakers a change of venue and the prisoners were to have been taken to Barbourville, bail having been refused. Manchester is wild with excitement. The Bakers and Howards have scores of friends in the country and there is no telling now where the trouble will end.

It has not been ascertained who fired the shot that killed Baker, but the consensus of opinion seems to be that it was fired from the house of Sheriff Beverly White, directly opposite the courthouse.

When the court adjourned Saturday afternoon Judge Cook had rendered his decision and there was no indication of trouble. The crowd was orderly and there was no visible excitement. At 5:30 o’clock the correspondent mounted his horse and set out for London. When about a hundred yards down the road from the courthouse the crack of a rifle was heard and a thin cloud of smoke hovered in the air behind the house of Sheriff White and the courthouse.

There was a sudden quiet. The lull was of short duration. A cry went up that Tom Baker was killed. It was true. Tom Baker lay dead flat on his back in front of the guardhouse tent. There was no need of sounding the assembly.

Instinctively the soldiers loomed up with fixed bayonets and charged across the street and surrounded the White residence. At the same time the gatling gun was hurried out and brought to bear on the place.

Meanwhile the wildest confusion prevailed. A rush was made for the courthouse, but the soldiers were already out and fearing a volley, the crowd hurriedly pushed down the hill again.

Up to the time the correspondent left Manchester no arrests had been made. It will be a difficult matter to ascertain who fired the shot, and the belief that it was aimed from the White residence is itself conjecture, though the position of the smoke seemed tell-tale evidence.

London Depot, Ky., June 12. — The Howards and their allies, the Whites, are in possession of the ground at Manchester in the Baker-Howard feud and few Bakers or Baker sympathizers are left to molest them. After Tom Baker, the head of the Baker faction, met his tragic death Saturday at the hands of an assassin whose deed stands alone the coldest-blooded in the history of Kentucky feudal wars, the state militia, under Col. Williams, with Wiley, Jim Dee and Al Baker, shorn of their arms, left over the mountain road for Barbourville, where there the charges of murdering Burch Storrs and Wilson Howard will be tried on a change of venue granted by Judge Cook.

Baker, when shot, was in his tent and within 75 feet of the assassin who fired from the porch of Sheriff Beverly White’s house, diagonally across the street. Baker told his wife that he was tired and would stand up for fresh air, and when he did so a bullet pierced his breast. Col. Williams sounded the assembly and the battalion of militia charged White’s house. They found the gates locked and the doors barred, but the boys in blue broke the locks and bars and found inside nothing save a stock of Winchester rifles.

Upon examination one of these guns was found to contain a freshly exploded cartridge, and it is this which sent the leaden missile through the heart of the fearless feud leader.

The people of this place and along the road to Manchester are wild with excitement. Sympathy for the Bakers is expressed on every side. The troops are powerless under Kentucky law to protect or execute the simplest duty, being subject to the orders of the county sheriff, who in this case is not in sympathy with their purpose. John G. White, of Winchester, Ky., a brother of Sheriff Beverly White, with two guards passed through here Sunday, going to the scene. It is stated that special Judge A. King Cook will order a special grand jury and attempt to indict the slayers of Tom Baker, but the fact that Judge Cook is not the regularly elected judge may delay this matter.

Barbourville, Ky., June 12. — Since the change of venue was granted at Manchester, Clay county, Saturday for the Baker murder trials to be held here in the Knox county courts, this city has been in a state of excitement. It will be impossible in this place, which has a population of between 2,000 and 3,000 inhabitants, with good officers, for such a tragedy to occur as that at the village of Manchester Saturday under the shadow of the court, when Tom Baker, the principal defendant, was shot dead while a prisoner of the court. As Tom Baker had killed William White, a brother of Sheriff Beverly White, of Clay county, and as the crowd saw the rifle fired from a window in the sheriff’s office at the time Baker fell dead into the arms of his wife it is thought that there may be another trial soon for a change of venue to this place.

Stevens Point Journal, The (Stevens Point, Wisconsin) Jun 17, 1899


Another Victim of the Feud

London, Ky., June 16. — News was brought here late Thursday night to the effect James Howard, a member of the celebrated Baker-Howard feud, was shot from ambush and killed near Manchester Thursday evening. Howard belonged to the White and Howard’s faction of the Baker-Howard feud and has been suspected of having fired the shot last week that killed Tom Baker while under guard in the courthouse yard.

Stevens Point Journal, The (Stevens Point, Wisconsin) Jun 24, 1899

Column of Courthouse at Manchester. Holes and chips off are result of a feud fight in which 5 were killed and a number wounded.

Column of Courthouse at Manchester. Holes and chips off are result of a feud fight in which 5 were killed and a number wounded.

White Disperses Deputies.

Manchester, Ky., June 26. Sheriff B.P. White, Jr., is much disturbed over the turn of affairs in the Baker-Howard feud, because of the killing of Tom Baker while a prisoner in charge of the State troops and the determination of Gov. Bradley to call an extra session of the Legislature which will probably abolish the county of Clay. White had retained twenty-six men as deputy sheriffs, who usually did the fighting. These deputies have now been dispersed, it being the aim of the officials to quiet the town as much as possible until the danger is past.

Portsmouth Herald (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) Jun 27, 1899


A Cincinnati paper comments on a remarkable coincident in the famous Baker-Howard feud in Kentucky. On June 2 1859, 40 years ago, Gov. Owsley ordered out the state troops to quell the feud between the Baker and Howard factions. ON June 2, of this year, Gov. Bradley ordered out the state troops for the same purpose. Forty years is long enough for any family row, and it is hoped that the end is in sight.

Stevens Point Journal, The (Stevens Point, Wisconsin) Jul 8, 1899


The Watterson idea of ending the Baker-Howard feud by letting the opposing families exterminate each other, is precisely the idea that some folks have of ending a street car strike. The public, however, has rights that both contestants are bound to inspect.

Portsmouth Herald (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) Jul 25, 1899


The Feud in Clay County Settled.

Frankfort, Ky., July 28. State Inspector and Examiner C.W. Lester, Gov. Bradley’s special agent sent to Clay county to make an investigation of the Howard-Baker feud, has returned and filed his report with the Governor. He states that the feud is at an end and says that the presence of troops is not necessary. Neither does he recommend an extra session.

Portsmouth Herald (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) Jul 29, 1899


No Trial.

London, Ky., Feb. 8. — Owing to the absence of witnesses for the defense, the trial of James Howard for the murder of George Baker two years ago, or of the results of the Baker-Howard feud of Clay county, did not begin.

Newark Daily Advocate (Newark, Ohio) Feb 8, 1900

William Goebel (Image from the Atlantic Constitution article)

These are the headlines from the full front page coverage in the  Jan 31, 1900 edition of the Atlantic Constitution:


Climax of a Dark, Well Laid Plot Stirs Kentucky to Its Very Center.


Senator Goebel Was on His Way to Senate Chamber in Company with Colonel Jack Chinn. Taylor Expresses His Regrets.

“They have got me this time,” said Mr. Goebel. “I guess they have killed me.”



The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) Jan 31, 1900



Convicted at Frankfort of the Murder of William Goebel.


Howard and His Friends De—– Witnesses Who, It is Charged, Were in Goebel Conspiracy and Who Gave Evidence to Save Themselves.

Frankfort, Ky., Sept. 27. — James B. Howard, who has been on trial for the past ten days charged with being a principal in the assassination of William Goebel, was found guilty yesterday, the jury fixing his punishment at death.

The fact that the jury had deliberated all of Tuesday afternoon without reaching a verdict led to the belief that it was hopelessly divided, and this fact made the verdict shocking to Howard and those who hoped for his ultimate acquittal.

Howard did not lose his composure when the verdict calling for the extreme penalty of the law was read in the crowded court room. He glanced at his attorneys and smiled, but said nothing. After the jury had been discharged Howard was taken back to the jail, and here for the first time he betrayed emotion. He called for a pen and paper and wrote a ling letter to his wife, during which tears coursed down his cheeks. He was joined later by his attorneys, who spent a good part of the day in conference with him in regard to the motion for a new trial, which will be filed today, and other matters in connection with the case.

W.H. Culton, who is under indictment as an accessory to the Goebel murder and who gave damaging evidence against both Howard and Caleb Powers, was released on bail yesterday afternoon and his case was continued until the January term. His bond was fixed at $10,000, and his brother-in-law, E.E. Hogg, of Owsley county, and J.F. Halcombe and John Johnson, of Jackson county, became his sureties.

Howard and his friends are very bitter in their denunciation of witnesses, who, it is charged, were in the conspiracy to murder Goebel, and who have since been manufacturing testimony against others in order to obtain immunity for themselves.

Howard was represented by ex-Congressman W.C. Owens, of Georgetown, and Carl Little of Manchester. The prosecution was represented by Acting Commonwealth Attorney Williams, T.C. Campbell, of Cincinnati, and H.E. Golden of Barboursville.

“Jim” Howard as he is commonly known in the mountains, is a strikingly handsome man, 44 years of age, and would be one of the last to be pointed out by a stranger as the man on trial. He had the record, however, of being the leader of the Howard-White faction in the Baker-Howard feud in Clay county, in which numerous lives were taken.

He had killed George Baker, and was suspected of the assassination of Tom Baker, who was killed after the same fashion as the Goebel murder, and Howard’s friends believe that these facts had very much to do with the making of the verdict sentencing him to the gallows.

The trial of Henry E. Youtsey, of Newport, will be called next at Georgetown next Monday.

The Tyrone Daily Herald (Tyrone, PA) Sep 27, 1900


Two Dead and Four Wounded.

Lexington, Ky., Sept. 6. — One of the bloodiest encounters in the history of Kentucky feuds took place on Saxtons creek, in Clay county, and as a result two men are dead and four dangerously wounded. The fight occurred between the Griffin and Philpott factions, the former being allies of the Howards while the Philpotts were identified with the Baker faction in the famous Howard-Baker feud of three years ago.

The Newark Advocate (Newark, Ohio) Sep 6, 1904

scales of justice

Life Imprisonment for the Murder of William Goebel.

(Bulletine Press Association.)

Frankfort, Ky., Feb. 2. — James Howard, convicted of the murder of William Goebel, arrived at the Frankfort penitentiary today to spend the rest of his life there, unless some unexpected turn of fortune liberates him. He is one of the most interesting characters that ever crossed the threshold of the penitentiary and his arrival caused considerable stir among the people of this city in general and the prison officials in particular. After spending nearly six years in jail, standing three trials and fighting his case through the supreme court, Howard was defeated in his struggle for liberty and the supreme court confirmed the judgement of the Kentucky courts. Howard never lost his nerve for a single moment. He was as cheerful on his way to the penitentiary and upon his arrival as he was on the first day of his arrest and said he was confident that he would eventually be vindicated and liberated.

In many ways Howard is the most picturesque figure of the Goebel murder cases. The commonwealth represented him as the typical mountain feud fighter and dead shot who went to Frankfort to kill Goebel in return for a pardon for having killed George Baker in a feud. Personally Howard does not fill the idea of such a person at all. He would never have been taken for a desperate man from the mountains. He is handsome and of distinguished appearance, of fine physique and unusually graceful, with easy manners. He looks like a man of fine intellect and a student. Indeed, he has been a student for five years, as during his imprisonment he has devoted his time to perfecting himself in the law.

Howard was born in Clay county forty years ago. His father was a school teacher. Howard lived in the mountains all his life and early became an expert shot, like all Kentucky mountaineers. He was first a deputy sheriff of Clay county, then school teacher, lawyer, general storekeeper in the government revenue service and finally assessor of Clay county, which he held when he became involved in the Goebel trouble.

Howard is a victim of a Kentucky feud, whatever were the circumstances of the killing of Goebel. He was in Frankfort the day Goebel was shot, trying to procure a pardon for killing George Baker from W.S. Taylor, then governor of Kentucky. The prosecution maintained that he was to get the pardon for killing Goebel. Howard has maintained that in this seeming connection he was a victim of circumstances. The Baker-Howard feud broke out in 1897. The Bakers one day ambushed Jim Howard’s father and two brothers, killing the brothers and desperately wounding the father.

Jim Howard, as soon as he heard of it, mounted his horse and rode to the scene. He claims the Bakers tried to ambush him and that he escaped by using his horse as a shield. In the encounter he shot George Baker to death.

Howard was indicted for the murder of Goebel in April, 1900. He was then in Clay county, where he might have remained indefinitely, as the mountaineers are Republicans and would have afforded him protection against an army. But in the month of May Howard went to Frankfort and surrendered. His first trial resulted in a sentence of death, his second of life imprisonment, both being reversed. The third verdict was life imprisonment and was sustained by the supreme court.

The Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wisconsin) Feb 2, 1906


This site has newspaper article images covering a variety of items, including this feud and others.

Here is some additional information about the William Goebel assassination and his rival, Governor Taylor.

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  2. mrstkdsd Says:

    I will take a look and see what I can find. Give me a week or so.

  3. Debbie Says:

    I am a descendant of the Baker family. My great-grandfather was Hige Baker. I have been curious to know if this feud also affected this branch of the family. My Grandmother married George Burton whose mother was Rhoda Baker his father was Grand Burton. After the death of George Burton, my grandmother married my grandfather who was from Alabama. Just curious if this feud had much of an impact on my Baker family. Deb

    • mrstkdsd Says:

      Debbie, I did a little looking and couldn’t find much on your Baker/Burton family. Hopefully, someone else who is related will find your comment and be able to help you.

  4. Ruth Combs Says:

    Who were the parents and grandparents of Jim Howard?
    Thank you.

    • mrstkdsd Says:

      Sorry, I have no idea. I tried looking on, but didn’t see any obvious matches.

    • David Hensley Says:

      Hello Ruth and All,
      The names I have of Jim Howards parents and grand parents are as follows:
      Parents: Adrion Ballard Howard & Mary Lewis Howard. Grand Parents: John J. Howard & Elizabeth Howard. A book was written by Jims nephew (Israel J. Howard Jr., “I.J.”) entitled “The Last Mold of Clay,” and beginning on P. 200 lists the family census. Was a limited publication, although if you can find it in the library, or elsewhere, is very informative. My grand mother was Lucy Howard Hensley, and a sister to Big Jim. David.

      • Susan L Howard Bailey Says:

        These Howards are all my relatives. My great, grandfather was Eli Crittington Howard who married to Rosa Howard. One of there grandchildren, my uncle was also named Israel John Howard as was his son, Israel who currently lives in Arizona. His sister, Linda, lives in Texas. I was born in Ohio, but my father, Robert & all of his 6 brothers & 5 sisters were born & raised in Gooserock, Ky, just outside of Manchester, Ky.

      • william e. bowling Says:

        Praise the Lord, This is my family also , i have pics of john jefferson howard and adrion howard also, john jefferson was my great great great grandfather on my mothers side of the family , her father was henry howard.

      • william e. bowling Says:

        Dear Susan , My mother was the daughter of Henry Ballard Howard , he was the son of Andrew Wilson Howard , Andrew was a brother to Jim Howard

    • Donna Jackson Says:


      My grandparents Lucy Howard and Earl Howard Sr. I have been told that my great granfather shot the governor? If you have any information please contact me

      • mrstkdsd Says:

        Do you recall the name of the Governor? What was your great grandfather’s name? I thought I had a post that included the shooting of the Governor, but I couldn’t find it when I did a search. I do recall reading articles someone shooting the governor, but don’t recall any names.

      • Donna Jackson Says:

        I was told Goebel? I’m trying to confirm my great grandfathers name I just don’t have enough information.

      • Donna Jackson Says:

        I’m trying to find the book “The Last mold of Clay” I had an Uncle Jim but I don’t have a last name. I have a picture of my uncle with other family members.

      • mrstkdsd Says:

        Ok, I searched my blog with “goebel” and found mention (same post you commented on, haha) of the trial for Jim Howard, in that shooting, so you are on the right track. Sorry, I don’t have more info than that.

      • mrstkdsd Says:

        I tried searching for the book you are interested in, and it appears to be out of print. Too bad, that looks like a great book. This link (dated 2002) says the author, Israel Howard is no longer living, but does give a contact for a Blanche Howard, and also the email for the person who left the reply. Maybe try to contact them and see if they can help you?

      • william bowling Says:

        Praise the Lord, If your grandfather was jim howard, his grandfather was john jefferson howard of leslie co.

    • joshua Says:

      I can assist the howards grandfather is Earl Howard descent from Carolina states if you want you can look up Janice rader daughter of Earl Howard on Facebook

  5. M. White Says:

    My great grandfather was Sheriff Bev white he was murdered in a train station in the 1920’s by the Baileys. Does any one know what happened to the killers? We still have a 45/70 rifle the soldiers left behind after Baker was killed.

    • mrstkdsd Says:

      Do you know the first names of the Baileys that murdered Bev White? Where was the train station? Any other details that might help me search for articles?

      I tired just searching Sheriff Bev White and Bev White, but haven’t found any articles yet. If you have the names of the Baileys, that might help, since White is a very common name.

      • M. White Says:

        The train station is in Barbourville, Ky He was killed by John Bailey on April 7,1921.Beverly Pryor White was sheriff of Clay County in the late 1800’s. It was from his house that Tom Baker was killed. Beverly was born Nov 11,1864

    • Noah Sodrel Says:

      My great great grandfather was Tom Baker.

      • R.Baker Says:

        He was my great grandfather, sure glad to hear his murder was vindicated. I know I worried they might have gotten away with dirty deeds. Hallelujah.

      • Andy bingle Says:

        My great great grandfather was bad Tom baker as well


    was born 10 Mar 1895, and died 24 Mar 1957. She married BEN DONALDSON 19 Jan 1913
    in Knox County,Kentucky. He was born 10 Mar 1890, and died 20 Nov 1962.

  7. mrstkdsd Says:

    M. White,

    I will see what I can find. Thanks for the additional information.

  8. Kentucky Feuds: Bailey – White « YesterYear Once More Says:

    […] The Whites were involved in the Howard-Baker feuds, which I posted about here. Now, in that post, a Beverly White was killed by Tom Baker. That is a different Beverly White. […]

  9. johnny howard John E Howard 1899-1980 Says:

    My Great Grandfather was Johnny Howard. His father was Charles Edward Howard. My great-great grandfather Charles Edward Howard was killed in a car accident in 1933. My great grandfather had another name besides his show name of Johnny Howard. We have reason to believe they were hidden for a reason. Although my great grandfather lived in the limelight he had another alias…

    We seem to have a hard time figuring things out if anyone has any help we’d be grateful.

  10. Apolitically Incorrect » The Effect of History Says:

    […] right.  A failed cattle raid resulted in 130 years of warfare.  Hundreds of people and at least one mule were killed in the fighting, with many more people being displaced due to the […]

  11. The Effect of History | Says:

    […] right.  A failed cattle raid resulted in 130 years of warfare.  Hundreds of people and at least one mule were killed in the fighting, with many more people being displaced due to the […]

  12. Marguerite Says:

    Hello, I have been looking for information on this feud as my gggfather married a womean by the name of Margaret Jane Kerns. As reported in family lore, she was orphaned and raised by the Howards in Frankfort, Ky and talked about the Howard and Philpot feuds. It is suggested that Margaret Jane’s grandfather was killed in one of the Howard feuds. I was wondering if you have any records or information on this and I would also like to get a pdf copy of this post to include in our family history. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for the work you had done here.

    • Linda Pearson Says:

      Marquerite -There is an article from an old Munsey’s Magazine Nov. 1903 entitled “The Land of Feuds” written by Hartley David and Clifford Smyth. You can find it on line that tells abt this feud on page 169-170. Linda

  13. Deb Kalhammer Says:

    Hello, I am also interested in finding out info on this subject. My gggrandfather was James Howard, I don’t believe it to be the same, although he also went to prison for a shooting. He was in the Kentucky State Pen. on the 1900 census. I can’t get past him on my tree, my gggma was a Martha Jane Kinderd. It’s like they vanished. Any info would help.

    • mrstkdsd Says:

      Hi Deb,
      Can you give me a little more to go on? What county were they living in? Is your gggrandfather the James Howard born abt Mar 1868? The census states he was widowed at that time. Anything else you might have on his wife? Or is the what you mean by disappearing? I take it you are trying to find out which Howard and Kinderd families are their families?

      Can you tell me if this is their son?

      Name Hardin Leo Howard
      Gender Male
      Death Date 26 Dec 1955
      Death Place Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky
      Age 68
      Birth Date 1887
      Father’s Name James Lewis Howard
      Mother’s Name Martha Jane Kinder
      Indexing Project (Batch) Number I08858-8
      System Origin Kentucky-EASy
      Source Film Number 1358125
      Reference Number n 24534

  14. John Walters Says:

    Did Jim Howard get out of prison again and live out his final years in Manchester?

    • David Hensley Says:

      Hello John,
      Dont have the exact date off the top of my head, but he was pardoned by a new Governor Augustus Wilson. Am originally from South Texas, and am old enough to have met him, although never had the opportunity. Did manage to dig cousins out of them thar hills, and some very fine folks. Many of those that I met have died since that time. If I can assist you in any way, will go back to the literature that I have and try to find it. Email is
      Now living in what is referred to as Gods Country, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
      Best Wishes, David

  15. Amber Brockman-Smith Says:

    My Great Grandfather was John Brockman, son of Rachel Baker. He was killed across the street from the Manchester Court house in 1932. He was attending a party at Wiley Baker’s house. We know John was there as a bodyguard for the DA, who was also shot. My grandfather was told that John was burried in an unmarked grave. I have found many articles about this shooting. I have found very little infomation on Rachel and what her ties were to the fued. If anyone has more information on Rachel Baker and her family, please let me know. I am hoping to try and track down my great grandfather’s grave or at least the Baker family cemetry

    • Vivian Baker Says:

      Boston Gap Cemetery up in the hills from Manchester, Ky. Rachel is there as are George, Tom ( the one killed in front of the courthouse) and my father Paul T. and my brother James Alan.

  16. arborfamiliae Says:

    I believe my great-great-great grandfather was John Herd who was a county judge in Clay County around 1890. He was also a census enumerator and held various other offices. He was married to Mary Gilliam.

    Does anyone know anything about him or his involvement?

    Is anyone in that area and could tell me about whether court records are available from when he was a judge?

    Kevin Harris


  17. Polly S. Says:

    My name is Polly S. Brandenburg. My maiden name is
    Couch. I know my father’s famiy hails from Eastern Ky. and according to my father we are decendants from a well known feud. The only information that he or his brothers and sisters would share was that our family name is not “Couch”, but Howard. That a Howard family was killed except for one small boy. That he was taken in by a Couch family secretly, without benefit of legal adoption, because the Couch family was fearful. This was always spoken of in hushed tones and we were encouraged not to speak of it. However, this has haunted me all of my life and I would like to know the truth of it. I am aware of the Howard-Baker feud of Clay Co., but can find no connection at all with the name Couch. Would really appreciate any info. Thanks.

    • Vivian Baker Says:

      Never heard of anyone being orphaned by the Baker- Howard fued. Although I am on the Baker side the familes lived in the same area and would have known any happening that tragic..

  18. Ben Baker Says:

    My Baker family came up from Breathitt, Owsley, and Wolfe Co KY after leaving Lee Co Virginia, and what once was Johnson County Tennessee (Once North Carolina -)
    Heard my grandfather left Kentucky during Medical School because of a shooting, and he ended up in Northern WI along with a lot of others who trace back to Kentucky. Along with him came another man Thomas Baker who we knew as an outlaw who also fled Kentucky area. He was killed by a posse Nov 2nd of 1900 and is buried near out Baker plot in Bryant WI (Langlade Co) unknown if he is really related or if he was using his real name up here. My grandfather dropped out of medical school but his father was a graduate of Transylvania and Louisville Medical school, and died here in 1926. He married America Strong from Breathitt Co. I read that a Strong came to the aid of the Bakers in the Clay co wars. I knew Tom had a shootout with 5 Angel (sp?) brothers and killed 3 of them. Big bragging time for out family till one day I met a man who saw me at the cemetary admiring the tombstone of Tom Baker. He asked me if I knew of Tom. I told him the story and he said yes he was there, showed me a scar on his belly from a Tom Baker bullet. He said it really wasn’t much of a gun fight as he and his four brothers were all unarmed and just kids. That was in the 50’s when I was young. Been wondering ever since just who Tom Baker was.

    • Vivian Baker Says:

      The Tom Baker , my grandfather, famously killed by Bev White in Manchester KY which was the reported “end” of the fued died in 1899. He had 14 children none of which were named Tom. He was married to Rachel Strong who gave birth to my father Paul ten days after her husband Tom was killed. If your names and stories are correct I don’t beleive they are related to my branch of the Baker family or even on the same Baker tree. There has never been any report of any Baker killing unarmed children. What tombstone were you looking at? My grandfathers stone is in Boston Gap Cemetary with the dates (even incorrect by one year) that may refute your man’s story unless he was aged in excess of 60 yrs. or so when he told you that story.

  19. Merrill Hibbard Says:

    Does anyone know if any Bowling men were involved in the Baker/White Feud?

  20. Barbara Says:

    …. My name is Barbara Elaine Howard, My father, Elijah Wick Howard, His parents John and Flora Howard (green). I am looking for my relatives. Everyone is gone except a cousin Irene Moore. I also remember an Aunt Orabelle. They were from Pineville last I understand. Would like to get any sort of information.

    Thank you,
    beh462001@yahoo. com

  21. John Walters Says:

    Thank you, David. My Father remembered Old Jim Howard living in Manchester in a Ms? Markhams boarding house with a mongaloid man as he put it. I always heard from family that he always carried a large black case and it was said to have been carrying a gun. I had just heard or read conflicting stories and wanted to get some others takes on it. Thanks again.

  22. stephanie Says:

    mt great grandmas family is from scalf kentuckey her name was mary baker

  23. Wendy Says:

    I am a Howard decendent and had no idea until recently about the feud. My great-grandfather was William Woodson Howard and he actually was married to one of the Whites. Her name was Cena Elizabeth White. My grandmother would never talk about the past and was hard to actually come across much until now.

  24. Micah True Blood Baker Says:

    micah baker says the baker-howard feud restarted according to my family stories over a bar fight where a baker killed a howard by beating him to death in 1940 i am a clay county true blood baker is there any truth to this!!!!

  25. Anita Says:

    My grandfather was James Howard, he married Edna Browning. They are from Clay county. Would love to learn more about the Howards. I understand, we are part of the Baker/Howard feud.

    • Donna JAckson Says:

      Do you know how many children they had and there names? I was told that James is my great grandfather!

  26. JOHN C HOWARD Says:

    My name is John C Howard,MY grandfather was Joseph Howard 1894-1963 and two brothers were orphaned from the feud, that all I know my uncle’s and one aunt are in FLA,all the Howards as my great uncles,one die from wouned the great war,the other die some place in ALA.

    • Donna JAckson Says:

      Hi my name is Donna Jackson,
      My fathers name was Earl Howard Jr. Grandfathers name was Earl Howard Sr. I was told my great grandfather shot goebel. I still have family living in Manchester Kentucky. I would like to find more about Great grandfather and his family if you have that?

      • B Howard Says:

        Jimmy Burchell’s mother was a sister to Earl and a daughter of Jim Howard. He lives in Manchester and has much knowledge. Jim Howard was my great uncle. To my knowledge, he never admitted guilt even to his death. I believe if he were guilty, he would have said so.

      • Donna Jackson Says:

        Do you have any other information you can share? I’m trying to work on my family tree.

        Thank you,

  27. Ervan R White Jr Says:

    Hi all, My name is Ervan Roscoe White Jr.
    There has been a lot of confusion on where my blood line runs. If anyone can help trace back and see where my family lines up I would appreciate the help. My father grew up in Manchester County.

    • mrstkdsd Says:

      Can you give a little more information to go on? I found an Ina Sparks, father Earvan R. Sparks, who had 3 children, Ervan, Charles and Janice, all surname WHITE. Is that Ervan you or your father? Can you give any of your grandparents’ (or great-grandparents) names to help narrow it down?

  28. Ervan R White Jr Says:

    Ina Sparks was my Granny Ervan is my father I am Jr to Ervan.

  29. justin Says:

    my grand father was john howard a decendant to the howards im looking for the books tht I. J. howard wrote his wife has passed away who had the scrips to it and i am wondering if there kids had it or anyone in the family maybe we could get enough people together and make more copies please write back to me my email is i am looking for any leads and if you have a copy of the book im willing to pay good money for it

  30. William m. Atchley Says:

    My grandfather was William Barrett of owsley county his father is the Barrett named in burns of the mountain. Burns was the founder of the oneda school and was involved as peace maker in the feuds

  31. William m. Atchley Says:

    The suit that gobels was wearing the day he was assented is at the kentucky military history museum I have actually touched the Bullard hole, well I knew the curator and colonel George chinn. I have relatives still living in owsley clay Booneville I know a number of stories from that era and earlier. Do you know the st

    • mrstkdsd Says:

      You should really try to write up the stories you know. Lots of people would be very interested in them!

      Another alternative would be to find someone who will do an oral history, where you can just tell what you know and they will record it, and maybe transcribe it.

      Future generations will continue to fascinated by them.

  32. William m. Atchley Says:

    Sorry I am typing on I Phone I live in Bonnieville Kentucky you can call or e-mail me if you want 270 524 3522 or fax 524 3524 .

  33. William m. Atchley Says:

    I am related to bakers, abners, barrett callihans, Parkers, . Old IDE callihans use to tell me stories while sitting under a tree back in the 1960s he was in his 90s back then. We were in island city on island creek. My grandfather bill Barrett lived at the mouth os wolf creek on the south fork.

  34. Michael Barr Hopkins Says:

    My Ggrandfather was David Houston Hopkins of Knox and Clay Co.
    He left Clay Co. in 1900 or 1901 and at least one family member reports that it was due to his service in the Union Army and the Hatfield-McCoy feud. I feel it may be due to the Baker-Howard feud but can find no connection with either family. The Harris family (my grandmother’s side) stayed in the area and I have seen mention of Bowlings on this blog. She would have been related to them through Linzy C. Harris wife. Any info would be helpful.
    Michael Barr Hopkins

    • Tamara Bellew Says:

      I came across this site while googling David Houston Hopkins. My ggrandmother, Martha Mary Belle Vaughn, was the daughter of Robert L. Vaughn and Mary C. Hopkins the daughter of David and Elizabeth Hopkins. Belle was born in 1893 in Kentucky. I would be interested to know if you found out anything more on why they left Kentucky and if it was actually related to the feud. As far as I know, no one on my side of the family is aware of the reason.

  35. Gary White Says:

    My Grandfather was born in Johnson City, Tenn, in 1888. He grew up in that area and southwestern Virginia. Around 1908 or 1909, he and two brothers(unknown names) rode mules to Michigan to leave the area. He would not let family members trace geneology, because he said there was bad blood and “bad doin’s” back then. His name was Joseph A. White. Would anyone have any info on this? He had logging experience, and went to work logging camps in Mi. He would never speak of any details.

  36. Melissa May Says:

    My G Grandmother was Lillie May Howard from KY. She was an orphan, I am not sure if it was because of the feud. I am told she talked about the feud and resulting deaths,injuries, and sadness, as reasons why she married and left. I think she may have had an older sister and I know she had younger siblings she often sent money to when she could. She was raised by relatives, also Howards. Does anyone know of her, her parents, her siblings,or other family? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Melissa May

  37. William M. Atchley Bonnieville KY. Says:

    My great grandfather is Jesse Fuller Barrett. He as indicted for a killing in the Baker, Howard feud he was cousins to the Baker family. I see there was a Jesse Fuller Baker listed in the Baker clan. I have a original post card from about 1905 of him and his wife. What all do you know about his family and their involvement in the feuds?

  38. robyn Says:

    I know the grandson of Tom Baker and he is eager to tell anyone that whats to know about the fued he’s name is Paul Baker he does not have an e-mail or anything but you can contact me at he also has many pictures and i will let him know just send me an e-mail address thanks he is a very interesting man

  39. Linda Baker Says:

    I am the grand-daughter of the Tom Baker that was shot at the courthouse. His wife, my grandmother, was pregnant with my father at the time of the shooting. She gave birth on June 20th, about a week after the killing. Would love to hear more and meet some cousins!!!!

    • Robynsturgill Says:

      I know your cousin Paul Baker if you could leave a phone number I could give it to him

      • Vivian Baker Says:

        Thank you….We have always been in touch with our cousin Paul. He as well as I share pictures, past and present on facebook. He has a wealth of photos and is a great source of info!

  40. Vivian Baker Says:

    I am Linda Bakers little sister. Our Grandfather Tom Baker was shot and killed on the courthouse steps with the militia standing at his side. Sherif Bev White did not want the Judge to exonerate Tom according to the “Code of the HIlls” as expected but he took it upon hisself to carry on the fued. The judge declared “code of the hills” no longer applys and from that day forward Federal law will apply to any killings. This did not finish the fued but only served to push it underground. Our father Paul Thomas Baker, born June 10 1899, 10 days after his father Tom was killed fled Manchester as a teen under mysterious circumstances some say. He left his brother Bryan at home with their Mother Emily Lyttle Baker. Their 12 older brothers and sisters long gone already. Years passed when the Bakers invited the Whites to a Baker Family reunion in June up at Jess White’s Possum Creek KY compound ( His mother was a Baker) to publicy bury the hachet 100 years after Tom was kilt. One of the descendants of the White family attending the picnic brought the gun Bev White used to kill our Granpa to the party. How unhappy and heartbreaking for us to read the inscription on the gunstock, “This gun killed Bad Tom Baker.” I don’t think we;ll invite them back.

    • William M. Atchley Bonnieville KY. Says:

      William M. Atchley ( Great grand son of Jesse Fuller Barrett)
      5475 Hammonsville Road hwy 357
      Bonnieville, KY. 42713

    • William m. Atchley Says:

      My grandfather the son of Jesse Fuller Barrett was also murdered. I never got to meet him. He was murdered near the mouth of Wolf creek on the south fork of the Ky. River near Island creek. I have been to the location where your grandfather was murdered. I have been all over the hills and hollers we probably know a lot of the same people.

    • William m. Atchley Says:

      My grandfathers name was William M. Barrett he married Daisy Parker.

    • Roy Hammett Says:

      Vivian: my name is Roy Hammett from Monroe, La. By chance, did you know Wilma Baker-daughter of George, granddaughter of Wiley Baker, GGranddaughter of George W. Baker? According to records, I am supposed to be part of this lineage. If so, I would really like to discuss this with you. Thanks for your time!

  41. Lee Fairchild Says:

    Anyone ever hear of the Howards/Gibbs connection….around London Ky…..Lee

  42. thad cornett Says:

    I am a decendent of the baker family.I live in letcher co.KY.

  43. thad cornett Says:

    My grandfather was Samuel Baker,he lived in Perry co. until settling in letcher co….or Whitesburg

  44. Angela Says:

    My Grandpa family is from kentucky. His Name is George C. Baker and he was born in Missourri in 1933. Can you tell me his parents name? And how they are kin to My Grandpa.

  45. Angela Says:

    Sorry. How the Baker’s in Kentucky are kin to my Grandpa.

  46. Edith Baker (daughter of James Baker) Says:

    There were several ‘sets’ of Bakers. I belong to this ‘set’ George Baker, who mule was shot was my uncle. The Bakers, at this time, from Letcher County and Perry County are another two sets. However, My dad, James Baker, moved from Clay County to Perry Co in the mid 40’s, and our set of Bakers (my dad’s family) were the only ones in Perry co of that ‘set’ of Bakers associated with this Feud.

    • oldnews Says:

      Thank you for the additional information about your family. You never know, that might help someone sort out who is who and how they are connected to the Bakers.

  47. Jackie Strong Bentley Says:

    My name is Jackie Strong Bentley and Rachel Strong Baker wife of Tom was my Grandmother Virginia ”Gennie” Strong’s sister.

    • Jackie Strong Bentley Says:

      Sorry I mistakenly said that Rachel was Bad Tom’s wife when in fact she was Bad Tom’s Mother. Jackie Strong Bentley

  48. Brian Showalter Says:

    My Grandma was Pearl Baker Her mom was a Howard and her dad was a Baker. How are we related to Tom Baker and John Howard?

  49. Monica Stone Says:

    I have recently learned that I am indeed a Howard, particularly from Harlan County (Straight Creek). I am absolutely fascinated by the history of the families. If anyone has any pictures that they would like to share or stories, I would love to know about them. Also if anyone knows any tales of “Frosties” I would love to hear about that also. I am related to Roy Howard(father) Dude Howard (uncle), I believe Elijah Howard, Josiah Howard, Mossie Howard. Looking forward to one day visiting Harlan County too.

    • David Says:

      Monica, it is my understanding that one of the early Howards from Harlan would be Wilkerson “Wix” Howard. I am getting older, lol, and saying this from memory, without digging into genealogical documents (that are boxed up), although it seems that he was known as being the either the first “white child” or the first “Howard”
      born in Harlan. Shoot me an email at and if there is something in particular you may need, I will start digging.
      David Hensley

  50. Linda Pearson Says:

    Here’s an interesting old article (in case some of you haven’t seen it) from Munsey’s Magazine, Nov. 1903 entitled “The Land of Feuds” written by Hartley Davis and Clifford Smyth which might assist with your family histories. It outlines the terrible story of seven great Kentucky feuds, resulting in 250 murders and only 2 hangings by legal justice. Names include: Baker, White, Philpott, Howard, Turner, Logan, Tolliver, French, Eversole, Garrard, Griffin, Hargis, Cockrill.

    Here’s the link to the story:

  51. Bruce Howard Says:

    May uncle wrote the book The Last Mold of Clay.

    • Donna Jackson Says:

      Do you know how I could buy a copy of the book?
      Thank you, Donna Jackson

      • David Hensley Says:

        Hello Donna, For the most part, I only get back to this thread by accident anymore. Don’t know if the book is available any longer, although will give you the info found in the one I have on Big Jim’s family. He was married to Mary (Reid) Howard, and had 3 children. They would be Earl, Edna, and James Jr. Will send you a copy of the census from the book if you would contact me at
        Sincerely, David Hensley

    • ArborFam Says:

      I would like to buy a copy of the Last Mold of Clay book…can you tell me where I could get one? Thanks. Kevin Harris.

      • oldnews Says:

        I tried doing a search to see where it could be purchased and didn’t find it available anywhere. The only thing I found, and this is OLD, is this from a message board:
        Subject: [KYCLAY] Re: Israel J. Howard Books
        Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2002 18:15:39 EDT

        You can make your Check out to Blanche Howard and send to the address below,
        as Israel J. Howard has past away. One of the books below is sold out…. So
        here is new information

        “Last Mold of Clay” $14.00
        “The Early Days of Clay” $7.00
        ” Uncle Jim” Pamplet $3.00 This is about the Gobel Killing as Unkle Jim
        spent 14 years in Prison for that

        So for a total of $24.00 you can have all three. I reconmend all three. I
        have them and they are great. I just spoke to Blanch to verify that what she
        still has.

        Blanche Howard
        107 House Avenue
        Manchester, KY 40962
        (606) 598-6578
        If you have any question’s, you can contact me or Blanche

        Florence Williams Cornwell
        Maybe try contacting either of these two people.
        If anyone else knows anything, maybe they will leave a comment here.

  52. kenneth lewis Says:

    My great grandfather was John Lewis sherrif who was the sherrif of Clay co, don’t know when. I grandfather was Ford Lewis and he married America Burns. Not sure what side the Lewis’s were on, but my second cousin was Squire Baker.

    Thanks, Kenneth Lewis

    • Laura Says:

      Kenneth, my great great grandmother was Lidia Baker who married Samuel Lewis in Clay County, KY in 1829. She was from “up on Goose Creek” and was widowed, after being married less than ten years, with four children. Three sons, William, Andrew and John Lewis came to Missouri in the late 1840s or early 1850s. As did Lidia and her one daughter, Eliza who married Mathew Parker. Lidia’s Baker Lewis’s son John was my grt grandfather and his sons were named William, John, Thomas, Andrew, Reuben, Jewell, George, Joseph, James and Ben. Do any of these names ring a bell with you? I have hit a dead end trying to figure out what Baker family she came from and who her parents were.

  53. abakerowen Says:

    I am wondering if any of these Howards and/or Bakers ended up in Leslie County, Kentucky? There was a shooting there in October of 1937 involving Bakers and Howards. My grandfather, Gus Baker was shot, but he did survive. If any of you are related to these families…. please email me at

    • Vivian Says:

      Do you have any further information on that event? Who shot who? Where? Have you done any research to find if your grandfather Gus Baker is related to the participants in the 1899 shooting at Manchester courthouse?

      • abakerowen Says:

        yes, I do have all the details of this event. My g-grandfather, Adam Baker, married Codie Howard. Codie’s father, Jim Howard, was in an altercation with Gus. He shot Gus one time in the side. Gus’s brother then shot Howard, killing him. This all took place at Adam and Codie’s house. I have my Baker line traced back through North Carolina…. just really do not know about the Howard line at all.

      • Vivian Says:

        I don’t know of any North Carolina Bakers that are in my line. Have you done a DNA test? My sister did one thru ” 23 and Me” which gives an indisputable line of ancestry. A cousin that had been adopted found us thru 23 and Me.

  54. Linda Howard Bunton Says:

    Do you have any information on a family named “Ball” My grandmother was Rebecca Ball and she married Hampton Howard. I was always told that my family was Scotch. Do you have any information that would tie the Balls to the Kellys

  55. Grant Howard Says:

    Well hell, it looks like a family reunion on here. Next summer (2016) I’m driving out from Portland Oregon to Eastern Ky to find the family farm out there and hopefully meet some cousins. My great grand father was Sherman Howard and his father was Rev. William Thomas Howard. If that rings a bell, it would be a pleasure to meet you (

  56. Ronnie Baker Says:

    My name is Ronnie Baker Jr and after watching Vendettas: The Clay County War, I started asking questions about my family and was told that I am related to the Bakers involved. My great grandfathers name was Eli Baker and he was Married to Sallie Baker. My grandpa’s Name was Robert Baker but everyone called him Ben..Can anyone tell me exactly how i would be related to Tom Baker? I also heard a rumor that the James Younger gang had spent a summer with some of my relatives, and im trying to find out if that is true. i do know that they pulled a robbery in Corbin around that time! My email is and i am working on writing a movie script on The Clay County War ,if anyone has any info that would help,please send it to me!!!

    • Robert Howard Says:

      I am Bob Howard. My family is from Clay county ky. As a kid I knew the partisans in the Howard Baker. There. I discussed it with them many times. Big Jim Howard was my uncle. He told me he killed the Baker’s because the killed his Brothers and critically wounded his Father.He said he did not kill

      • Grant Howard Says:

        Any relation to Rev. James Thomas Howard of Estill Ky? His son was Sherman Howard (Ohio). My great grandfather. Or to any of the Harlen Howard’s?

      • Roy Hammett Says:

        Hello Mr. Howard: My name is Roy Hammett from Monroe, La. By chance did you know Wilma Baker – she was the daughter of George Baker, Grandfather was Wiley Baker, GGrandfather was George W. (Baldy) Baker? Do any descendents of this family group still live in Clay County? Is there any family reunions held? I am supposed to be in this family lineage. Thank you for your time and help. Roy

  57. Cassandra Says:

    I am a Baker and i’m trying to figure out how i am related to these Baker’s. My dad is from Machester. As a matter of fact my side of that family still lives in Manchester and Onida. And from what my oldest brother tells me my dad is buried along with my grandarents,and a cousin at Wolf Creek. I know some of the White family lives across from the Grave yard on the other side of a field if i recall correctly and you can see their house. I’ve alway’s been cautioned about going there due to previous run in’s with some of them. So I’m interested in learning just how close I am related to this whole fued.

    • Laura Says:

      I wish I could help you Cassandra but I don’t know much. I just know My great grandmother was Lidia Baker DOB 1811 and married Samuel Lewis in 1829 in Clay County KY. . She was widowed in 1836 with four children who came to North Missouri with other Lewis’s I believe in the 1850’s. I also think she may have remarried Isham Gambrel at one time (1850’s)for a short period just prior to coming to Missouri to live with her only daughter Eliza Parker. Lidia named her three sons William, Andrew and John if that matches any of your line. Many of my Grandmother’s siblings, (the children of John Lewis and Mary Margaret Whiskerchein) I believe were also given Baker names. Reuben, Jewel, Andrew, Benjamin and some I can’t recall off hand. (they had 16 children). I have never been able to verify the parents of Lidia Baker. I have a photo of Lidia, who died in N. Missouri in 1884. I believe she was of part Cherokee heritage as some Bakers were but am not sure. Sorry I can’t be of more help. I am in North Missouri and would love to make a trip out there and may “some day.”

      • Mary Stamper Says:

        I’m searching for family of andy and tish barrett breathitt co ky.they are my great grandparents their daughter mary is my grsndmother

  58. William Howard Says:

    I’m William Howard 4th from Barbourville Kentucky. Email me at

    • Grant Howard Says:

      Related to a Sherman Howard (wife was Bell Puckett) by chance? His father was Rev. James Thomas Howard, On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 9:05 PM YesterYear Once More wrote:

      > > > > William Howard commented: “I’m William Howard 4th from Barbourville > Kentucky. Email me at > >” > > > >

  59. DONALD QUICK Says:

    i have been looking for the Charles Jacob Howard family They moved to Muncie, Indiana around 1887 My grandfather was Walter Thurman Howard. Can’t find this family history. Walter was born July 1883 in Frankfort, Kentucky

  60. Robert Baker Says:

    I am a baker my name is Robert Earl Baker I come from a long line of Baker I am 57 now when I was 10 I went with my dad my mom my brothers and sisters tof a reunion in Prentiss Mississippi for a baker family reunion they was over 600 people there bakers that is who was related to me and I didn’t have a clue who they were I know for a fact that my dad’s people the baker originated out of Britain they came over headed for the hills of the Appalachians around the Carolinas and then from there they came across by Wagon Train to Homestead in Mississippi as far as I know that’s where all my dad’s people are at what’s left of them I got one Aunt left the rest of my aunts and uncles have passed on so has my dad my grandpa was Robert F Baker my great-aunt her name was Mall Baker my great-great grandmother was full-blooded Chickasaw Native American Indian! One of my aunts before she passed on she did the family tree I got books on it it tells that Marilyn Monroe Miss Norma Jean Baker was also related to me I believe she was my third cousin she was my dad’s second cousin her her greats grandparents was the founder of Bakersfield California as far as I know I do have cousins third cousins some of them still live in California that I have never seen I got some lives in New Orleans I got one cousin who lives in the Carolinas that I know of it is interesting to find out who is still out there and somehow related to me through blood! There is a book that we also have it list of all the baker men! My aunt’s my uncle’s even my dad has always told us kids about the history in his family there’s a lot more to be learned about the baker because they are so many of us if I seen one of you guys right now on the streets and you’re a baker and somehow you’re related to me I would never know it my grandfather my dad’s dad lived in Texas my dad was born in Amarillo Texas and raised in Mississippi my grandma which that’s my dad’s mother a laric was her last name! I remember going to that reunion on the lyrics site they was a little over 250 larics and Baker that everybody who was A laric wanted to be a baker because my aunt always told me that the larics always thought they was better than the baker the larics never accomplish Nothing in life they always work for somebody else the baker’s accomplished a lot which quite a few of us had our own business and everything So my aunt used to say! Lol! My dad left Mississippi when he was 17 and never look back he joined the Air Force and windup at MacDill Air Force Base down here in Tampa Florida this is where I was born he married my mom! But ladies and gentlemen that’s my story and I’m sticking to it I’m proud to be a baker there is so much history and still a lot more to learn! sincerely Robert Earl Baker by the way I was named after my great grandfather!

  61. Jeanette Spears Says:

    I am searching for information on my great grandfather, Charles Jacob Howard that married Elsie Blalock. One of their children was Walter Thurman Howard b. 1883 in Frankfort, KY and died in 1955 in Illinois. There is a mystery around this family that we cannot figure out.

  62. Thomas Howard Says:

    Did he have a brother named James Louis Howard of Elmville, ky

  63. Rhoda Plybon Says:

    My name is Rhoda Plybon, I’m related to the Baker Family that lived in Tennessee and Bell County, Kentucky. The Baker lived on Newman’s Ridge. My 3x Great Grandfather was John Simpson Baker born 1804. His son my 2x Great Grandfather was Noah Testerman Baker born 1847. And Noah’s wife Lucy Ann Baker was killed after 1881 in Tennessee. Noah’s and Lucy’s daughter Mary Elizabeth Baker married William Henry Goodin my Great Grandparents in 1901 in Bell County, Kentucky. Does anyone know if any of my kin was in this feud? The Goodin family was huge in Knox County and Bell County, Kentucky. Benjamin Good in came from Wales, England in 1750. He fought in the Revolutionary War. Then came west to Knox County, Kentucky. I would appreciate any news on my family.

  64. Robert Baker Says:

    I am a baker my name is Robert Earl Baker I come from a long line of Baker who originated out of Britain wound up in the Appalachians round the Carolinas and then left the Appalachians and went to Homestead Mississippi from Mississippi to California so I got cousins distant cousins all over Mississippi and in California I have cousins I never seen! Marilyn Monroe which her real name was Norma Jean Baker! her dad also was a baker her great-great great grandfather was the founder of Bakersfield California! she was my dad’s second cousin! And yes I have the book on it and DNA proven that she was related to my dad! so I have cousins in California I’ve never seen and who knows I may have some still left in the Carolinas Kentucky Virginia I don’t know my grandfather was Robert F Baker!

  65. » 1845: Abner Baker, feudmaker Says:

    […] the first was the man whom he murdered — in the Baker-Howard feud, or the Clay County War, a bloody interfamily conflict that would blight the Kentucky mountains into the next […]

  66. Donna Maley Says:

    My great grandfather was Jesse Baker. Lived in Kentucky Can he be traced o this family? These articles make me beliee so.

    • William Howard Says:

      Don’t know if you can.
      But what part of Kentucky?
      I’m William Howard
      From Barbourville Kentucky
      All my family our from Harlan county.
      If you can tell what county than u should be able to trace him at court house.
      Good luck.

      • Grant Ray Howard Says:

        Do you know of a Sherman Howard in your family tree? He was my great grand father. I think. He had a son Nelson Ray Howard? (My grandfather) Estill county I believe. Married to a Bell Puckett. His father was Rev James Thomas howard.

      • William Howard Says:

        No I don’t know that name. But Google this.
        Yesterday once again feuds of Eastern Kentucky.
        The Howard Baker Feud is in book and some of our relatives. It’s so cool.

  67. rebecca johns Says:

    Donna…I have Jesse Baker’s in my family tree, also.
    My line: My 4th great grandfather- Robert “Boston” Baker (1800-1871)….my 3rd great grandfather-Nathaniel Sharper Baker (1833-1920)…my 2nd great grandfather-Irvine D. Baker (1856-1927)…my great grandmother-Mary Jane Baker (1880-1950). Robert “Boston” Baker came from Virginia to Clay County, KY. My line migrated from Clay Co into Jackson County, KY. My grandfather, son of Mary Jane Baker King and John Morris King, had a brother named Jesse Allen King. And as far as I can tell there was a child named Jesse in every generation going back to Robert “Boston” Baker.

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